Building the Ultimate Warm Pad


I’ve been working on developing a warm pad sound using Csound, and I’m very close to getting the exact sound that I want.  It features 16 detuned oscillators that I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking to get the right sound.  While attempting to make a somewhat final adjustment (to which I would say the pad is next to darn perfect), I discovered a gross error.  I was attempting to set up a sample and hold modification to the detune to each oscillator, instead of having a global S/H.  Why detune based on the same source if I need randomness, right?  I couldn’t perceive any effect with my ear, so I printed out the values of each link of the chain to see what might be causing the issue.  While researching, I discovered my pink noise source used for my S/H was valuing negative.  The detune should be negative and positive.  Great!  Back to the drawing board.

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