Bringing Focus Into the Mix

One of the best things I have been doing lately to bring focus into developing my music is actually doing it.  I’ve been going through a “falling-in-love-again” phase with the whole music thing by digging into the things that caused me to fall in love with music in the first place.  Playing songs I enjoy by bands that gave me the inspiration to play in the first place, like Van Halen, ZZ Top, Eric Johnson, etc.

So here is a diagram I put together while thinking of how instruments should be spatialized in a mixdown.  My thoughts on this were spurred from the problems I was having with the convolution reverb I was working on for my warm pad.  Then it hit me. Why should I be adding reverb to every instrument?  I then put this diagram together:

Record the dry signals, apply effects if necessary and as applicable to the instrument, then place it in a virtual space with appropriate stereo or 3d imaging.

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