After an Antivirus Scan

One of the many reasons I don’t use Windows as my operating system of everyday use, and why I love Linux:

———– SCAN SUMMARY ———–
Known viruses: 1205536
Engine version: 0.97.3
Scanned directories: 27200
Scanned files: 314706
Infected files: 0


The Unquenchable Five Year Old

‘A most unquenchable hobbit! All Wizards should have a hobbit or two in their care – to teach them the meaning of the word, and to correct them.’ –Gandalf the Grey, The Return of the King

I meditate on an experience I had yesterday. I received in the mail a box of resistance bands that I had ordered. I opened the box and of course Kieran was bedazzled by the colors of the bands, and that they were made of rubber. I also began my workout regimen with the bands at home to try them out. The feeling of the bands was, of course, elastic. It was like something was tugging back in the direction I was tugging from, so my muscle response to this was rather awkward. My form followed suit in an awkward, choppy motions during my curls and lat pulls. I endearingly noticed my son was imitating my movements behind me. He was trying to “be like daddy”, and was doing a very good job of imitating even my shaky movements. I knew my form was down the tubes. After feeling pain in my wrists from the new experience with the bands, it was time to call it quits.

Children are impressionable and follow the example of their parents. If the environment that they are in has good form, whatever it is, they will imitate it very well. If there is bad form, well, they will imitate that too. Are we modeling good behaviour and citizenship, good manners and friendly relations with others? Or are we displaying bad behaviour to our children? If it is the latter, then should there be a wonder where this behaviour was learned from?

I think everyone should have a little five year old boy following them around. I think the simple childish mind unencumbered by the burden of self-consciousness is the quintessential model of the unquenchable spirit, dominating a simple world around them to the very whims of their imagination. It serves to humble us. I think Gandalf the White had it right all along.