In Which My Family Moves Out, Without a Guarantee of a House

So we moved out of Midtown Towers in Parma, OH.  Thankfully.  Really, it is quite a relief.  I’m glad to have put that stressful living situation to bed.  I can honestly say with all truthfulness, I have never considered owning a handgun until living at Midtown Towers in Parma, OH.  I couldn’t handle the shootings, the punks getting passed out in the middle of the parking lot high on heroine, the weekly fire alarms in the middle of the night.  Stressful doesn’t even describe the living conditions.  We are out, and I am happy.

But, our loan has not closed yet.  HUD now has a deadline of the 14th of June, and underwriting still has not figured things out yet.  While out on my morning exercise, I really placed things in the Lord’s hands.  We’re so fragile, and we just cannot simply exist in this world without Him.  It wasn’t anything where I was praying this with some kind of fear in the back of my mind like “I better humble myself or God will take the house away”.  No.  It was a real sense of helplessness; a sense of true humility.  It’s the kind of feeling that I got when discovering this little pink sparrow nestling in the middle of the parking lot.  Naked and pink and completely at my mercy.  But really not my own mercy.  Really . . . ultimately God’s mercy, because I couldn’t do a darn thing for that little thing, just broken out of its shell, gaping and peeping for food.  That kind of a feeling.  True humility.

Things seem to be moving along, albeit slowly.  Waiting to see what the morning will bring.