Synthesis and Doctor Who

Here’s a cool little video giving a little snapshot of things I love: music, synthesis and science fiction, featuring Doctor Who musician Peter Howell.  The way he encapsulates the small pieces of music is wonderful.  Kind of neat to see such legacy pieces of equipment being used, such as the ARP Odyssey, and a broken down phase box still being put into good use for low-fi effects.


Engraving away

Found a handy little editor for Lilypond for my music engraving . . .

Evertjan ‘t Hart playing in the corner

Working on transcribing Port na bPúcaí, analyzing the structure a little deeper, writing down some thoughts.  More to come . . .

Into the groove: Complex Depth within Simplicity

After settling down a bit in our new home, I’ve found more time to focus in and get some practice in on the uilleann pipes. While jotting down some notation from Diane Quigley’s tutorial of Swaggering Jig, Iwas hearing how simplistic the ornamentation was.  What stunned me was this:  while it was simplistic, it sounded rich, deep and complex.  A cut here, a lift of the chanter bell there, sharp playing, gave a rich, nuanced flavor to the playing.
Being a product of the 80’s rock age, where guitar solos spawned a great deal of complexity, this really fought with my head.  How can one be interesting in delivering a musical piece, while playing so simply?  It is just the way it is, I guess.  Anyone can play fast, or complex.  A true musician can play slow and subtly, but playing with such expression that it connects with people, because it is played from the heart.