Where Music Imitates Nature

Gotta love this hilarious bit by Felix Doran playing The Fox Hunt:


In which I decide to learn Fourier Analysis

I’ve been quiet for a bit, but mainly due to intense work on programming a midi controller for the use of my recording endeavors.  I did manage to get some stuff done, and now I move on to the realm of physics, specifically Fourier Analysis.

Now either I am ultra-bored, or I am up to something.  I am, actually, up to something.  More to come on this, but it does deal with pitch detection.

A short film on fly fishing that I found, and some thoughts

An hour spent fishing adds a day to your life.  I usually feel more connected to God when I’m out on the river.  You’ll usually find my hand hanging at my side when I’m swinging a fly, letting the stream run through my fingers.  I do this as a sort of gesture to sort of tell myself “I’m here.  I’m connected to this and I’m a part of this.”  It is the experience of being connected with His creation, and not winning a prize.  It is being “in the moment” while chasing for the goal of catching fish.