Gardening Photo Journal 1

Pity  the farmer.  It is our first real Spring living in the new house, and we got a few garden beds set up.  So far so good, with some failures, and some success.  I had to redo the herb garden; while the fennel did fine, the basil never germinated.  I set up a nice wood border and flattened the soil and got some compost in, and things are looking much better.  I sowed some Genovese and Sweet Basil (pictured below), Oregano, Parsley and dill.  As an experiment, I sowed some Winter Savory and Lavender.

Popping up after a week of direct sowing.

Popping up after a week of direct sowing.

Looking good so far

Climbing away at the trellis

Red Peppers at the end, followed by Habanero, and Jalapeno. Tomatoes on the right row.

Just popping up this morning!