Doctor Who Theme Attempt

In a previous post, I remarked on Peter Howell’s creation of the Doctor Who theme.  I was inspired to throw something together using Csound.  After playing around with the bits and parts of things that I felt were essential to the piece, I managed to get pretty darn close.  Frankly, I am more impressed with Peter Howell’s version, and even more so given how much more advanced we are technology-wise since then.  I gotta admit, there is something to be said of vintage synths and low-fi effects.  Enjoy, my fellow Whovians.


Synthesis and Doctor Who

Here’s a cool little video giving a little snapshot of things I love: music, synthesis and science fiction, featuring Doctor Who musician Peter Howell.  The way he encapsulates the small pieces of music is wonderful.  Kind of neat to see such legacy pieces of equipment being used, such as the ARP Odyssey, and a broken down phase box still being put into good use for low-fi effects.