Studio update and a preview

Things are plugging along with some major hiccups; your prayers are coveted.  I’ve had quite a few system crashes related to my soundcard which I am presently working with M-Audio on resolving.  I did manage to get the general structure of most of my songs completed, guitar recorded, and today got some uilleann pipes in the mix!  Awesome!  You get to hear a snippet of things as they are being released!


My New Toy

High Order 8.9k resistance, ALNICO 6

High Order 8.9k resistance, ALNICO 6


Got a new humbucker bridge pickup in the mail today, custom made by Jeff at High Order Pickups, and it sounds great!  Very PAF-ish with good resonant tones; very deep resonance and body to the tone, great sustain.  More to come later, just wanted to post a couple of pics.