Studio update and a preview

Things are plugging along with some major hiccups; your prayers are coveted.  I’ve had quite a few system crashes related to my soundcard which I am presently working with M-Audio on resolving.  I did manage to get the general structure of most of my songs completed, guitar recorded, and today got some uilleann pipes in the mix!  Awesome!  You get to hear a snippet of things as they are being released!


Where Music Imitates Nature

Gotta love this hilarious bit by Felix Doran playing The Fox Hunt:

Uilleann reed gouger and profiler machines

Found something that I’ve been hoping for, but egads! way too much money:

Looks like they are fixing to develop gougers and profilers for uilleann pipe application, viewing the comments.  Here’s a vid of the profiler:

It would be nice if these guys actually do something for uilleann pipe reeds.  The setup seems to be very compatible to different measurements, just change the head or bed, and you’re ready to roll in seconds!  This would be a major time-saver for the reedmaking process.

Reedmaking: Oboe 2

cool little machines.  would be useful if someone could devise these for an uilleann pipe application.

Reedmaking: Oboe

something I found that shows good scraping technique.


Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Macro Focus

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the macro focus feature on the camera.  I was very excited about this, and thought it was very slick!  Great job, Nokia!

Engraving away

Found a handy little editor for Lilypond for my music engraving . . .

Evertjan ‘t Hart playing in the corner

Working on transcribing Port na bPúcaí, analyzing the structure a little deeper, writing down some thoughts.  More to come . . .